Poncho Play


Ponchos are popular this season with so many different patterns to choose from; below you will find just a few that we found inspiring...



Denizen Poncho, by Lynne Vogel

This lovely asymmetric poncho with a lace panel uses both knitting and crocheting techniques.  This would knit up beautifully in our new Cascade Spuntaneous Worsted or Juniper Moon Moonshine.





Minjia Poncho, by Martina Sommer

This classic poncho pattern is great for beginners.  Knit this up quick in James C. Brett Chunky with Merino or Cascade Eco.





Sarucha, by Christa Hartmann

This interesting pattern has a stunning cable detail along the edges resulting in an elegant visually appealing poncho.  This would be fabulous knit up in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool or Sueno by Hikoo.





Lady Poncho, by Vera Sanon

This feminine, delicate, eyelet poncho features a cute cowl and button up sides.  This would just be perfect knit up in Cascade 220 superwash.








Your journey into the world of knitting begins with just a set of needles and some yarn.



~You can use the simple knit and purl stitches to make many wonderful things. But don't stop there! If you keep challenging yourself to try new patterns and learn new techniques, knitting will continue to be an exciting adventure.~